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C|E|D|E|E|S®: Centre for Excellence in Dental Entrance Examinations

“The idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects”

Welcome to C|E|D|E|E|S®--- Achievements


  1. 1st rank MGPGI Pondicherry: Dr Anegh
  2. 5th rank All India PG: Dr Catherine
  3. 14th rank All India PG: Dr Sumathi
  4. 18th rank All India PG: Dr Balakrishnan
  5. 22nd rank All India PG: Dr Harsh
  6. 29th rank All India PG: Dr Megha
  7. 35th rank All India PG: Dr Anusuya
  8. 67th rank All India PG: Dr Susmita
  9. 68th rank All India PG: Dr Bharat
  10. 69th rank All India PG:Dr Rekha
  11. 70th rank All India PG:Dr Rahul
  12. 84th rank All India PG: Dr Sushita and many more…….
  13. 1st rank Maharashtra CET: Dr Divya Naik
  14. 8thrank Maharashtra CET: Dr Shraddha
  15. 1st rank Asso-CET/AMUPMDC: Dr Divya Naik
  16. 3st rank Asso-CET/AMUPMDC: Dr Ankita
  17. 15thrank Asso-CET/AMUPMDC: Dr Dinesh
  18. 22ndrank Asso-CET/AMUPMDC: Dr Chintan


  1. 60 ranks in top 100 in COMED-K (3rd rank Dr Rengalaxmi, 5th rank Dr Soumya, 8th rank Dr Ravi and many more….)
  2. 70 ranks in top 120 in Karnataka CET 2013
  3. APPG ranks 5th, 7th, 10th and many more

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Welcome to C|E|D|E|E|S ®

"The Idea of Education is to Unsettle the Minds of the Young and Inflame their Intellects"




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